Meet Erika and Esteban of EyE Homes, INC.

Meet Erika and Esteban of EyE Homes, INC.

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April 25, 2016

Erika and Esteban of EyE Homes, INC. discuss what it takes to build a strong business, a strong community, and a strong family.

Q: To date, how many homes have your renovated?

Erika: We have sold twelve Houses.

Esteban: After buying our first house on June 20, 2014 we’ve completed 40 Real Estate transactions in two years.

Q: What’s your favorite part of the renovation?

Erika: Immediately when we buy. It’s very exciting. Also when the moment finally comes to sell a beautiful home (especially to first time home owners). Closing a deal is super fun – I love that!

Esteban: Finishing strong and tying together the details. It’s the hardest part but it’s when we win the most. Even though this isn’t easy, we make sure everything is done right in order to deliver an excellent product. Quality is something our business is not willing to negotiate.

Q: How did you get started anyways?

Esteban: I’ve always had a dream to own my own company. Even before we got married I told my wife I want to own many houses. Real Estate has been in my mind for a long time. While working as a handyman to support my family, I was always buying my own tools. Having the right tools is vital for success. I took side jobs on my own terms and in 2005 became a licensed general contractor. Buying more tools led to buying a warehouse…

And it all came to this point where I felt I could do more but didn’t know how. The key then was more education. At Devry University I studied Real Estate programs, how to grow my business, and discovered systems to really take it to the next level. With the tools, education, and systems to implement… we know we’re on the right path.

Q: What is your business model?

Esteban: Most importantly the more successful we are, the more successful the people around us can be. Win-win situations for our workers, our community, and everyone in our business is key.

Q: Family seems on the forefront of your values. How do you integrate business and family?

Erika: What do we care for, what do we stand for, what do we contribute to life and to our community? We want our kids to understand this and that their ideas matter. We want to give our family a legacy of honesty and authenticity…

Esteban: Our business is an opportunity to show our kids what we value. We want them to see that having things is not the most important part of life. Taking the kids on site, we want them to see that a healthy business creates opportunity for others. As EyE Homes Inc. grows, we can employ others to work in our company. They can make money and provide for their own families. It’s a ripple effect. Work hard and work wise.

Q: What do you find most challenging in your business?

Esteban: Implementing, being consistent, and continuing with no fear to fail. Some doors close on our path but we have to continue. Many people go into Real Estate and many people lose a lot of money. It’s not as easy as it looks on TV. EyE Homes, INC. started with a desire to have a business. The key to success is to never quit, build a plan, and follow the plan to be successful.

Q: Where do you see your business growing in the next five years?

Esteban: It’s going to grow a lot. Our current goal is to buy one new property per month and sell one house per month. Staying consistent and continuing to expand… We want to build a business strong enough to run by itself.

Q: Anything else you feel is important to add?

Esteban: I love my wife so much!

Erika: I do love my husband too. We have fun doing what we’re doing. I always say, every stage of our business is a happy moment for someone. When we buy a house in distress, the owner is relieved with the purchase. Providing work to all of the contractors is also a happy moment. Nothing makes me happier than going to each rehab and seeing the people who work with us. When we sell the house, working with the realtors, working with our team… it’s a joy.


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