Columbus makes the grade for millennials

Columbus makes the grade for millennials

by admin
January 25, 2016

Featured in the Columbus Dispatch, we’ve found some great news for our city! ⎖

There is good news for Columbus millennials who want to live in an exciting big city with a vibrant arts scene, great restaurants and an interesting, walkable Downtown. They’re already there.

Columbus is ranked at No. 3 in the “Best Cities for Millennials” by Money, a Time publication. The list notes that while many young people still dream of making their way to New York City and Los Angeles, those cities have a high cost of living and a tough job market.

Money’s list of top cities considers where millennials would be happiest, employed and entertained. The rankings, from fifth to first place, are Seattle, Tucson, Ariz., Columbus, Atlanta and Austin, Texas.

This is great company to be in. Money notes that the millennial generation, roughly born between the early 1980s and early 2000s, makes up a quarter of Columbus’ population. The city gets points for its “creative food venues, unusual art and good old ballgames,” as well as its low cost of living and the fact that it’s “surprisingly walkable.”

It seems hardly a month goes by without Columbus earning yet another accolade.

The region is home to one of the hottest ZIP codes, best places for female entrepreneurs, hottest U.S. housing markets, growing craft-beer market, best places for business and careers and fastest wage-growth areas in the country.

While central Ohioans know Columbus’ charms, recognitions such as Money’s new list, help spread the word.



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