7 Patio Upgrades to Plan Your Outdoor Spring Escape

7 Patio Upgrades to Plan Your Outdoor Spring Escape

by admin
March 21, 2015

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7 Patio Upgrades to Plan Your Outdoor Spring Escape

by Tikva Morrow | March 20, 2015 | 0 Comments

As spring rolls around (slow as it is), the outdoors are available once again for lovely afternoon strolls, evening relaxations and late-night parties. But the patio, our favorite spring and summertime outdoor space, is looking a little tired after a long winter, so (thankfully) it’s time to redesign! What features are you looking to bring into your patio this spring? Whatever your plans, that list is about to get a little bit longer when you see these seven stunning patio upgrades and features.

1. Canopy Cover

Turn your backyard patio into an intimate hangout, with a rustic canopy and sheer curtains, to give you and your guests some privacy while letting you enjoy the outdoors. Add charming antique features, like the ones in this little vintage oasis, to create a space that’s perfect for relaxing warm-weather memories.

2. Bold Furniture

Bright red furniture turns this sweet outdoor seating set into an exotic style bistro lounge. Wake up your sleepy winter patio by incorporating bold colors to get that luxurious dining feeling when throwing a backyard soiree.

3. Water Features

Imagine relaxing with the sun beaming down, listening to the soft sounds of bubbling water. That little dream getaway scene can be your reality, with your own backyard water feature. This DIY water wall is a great way to bring the beauty of water to your patio without making a mess or spending a fortune.

4. Outdoor Fireplace

The coming weeks might be much warmer than the weather we’ve been having, but that doesn’t mean that spring nights don’t come along with their own chilly breezes. Make evening lounging enjoyable no matter the weather with a gorgeous stone fireplace to sit by and toast your s’mores.

5. Potted Plants and Flowers

Haven’t you missed those colorful blooms and leafy branches all winter long? Put instant life into your outdoor escape by piling on the plants and adding as many flower pots and container gardens as you can fit (making sure to leave some room for yourself, of course)!

6. Elegant Lighting

There’s no easier way to fancy up your space than adding some elegant lighting. Turn your patio into a sophisticated lounge by adding a soft glow. We recommend a vintage chandelier, some safe lanterns or tons of romantic electric tea lights.

7. Sun Curtains

Because you’re lounging in the great outdoors, it pays to have some control over the elements. Add your own patio curtains so that you can control how much sun and breeze comes into your outdoor oasis. This is also a great way to create a little privacy from the rest of your open yard.


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